The motto of the French brand Elitis is the design of modern products by the most modern techniques. In-house design sector Elitis brand is a hive in which there are many activities related to the experiment laboratory, tracking research lines, diverse and innovative work mixes, and design. The solutions that this brand creates always surprise by offering a special spectacle at each of the international exhibitions. Elitis has already celebrated its 25th anniversary, and considers it is a good time to continue with its philosophy: tireless exploration of new materials and textures, and the design of an emotional, visual and tactile language. In this laboratory of ideas, time has no intention of passing so fast, but it passes with the flow of innovation. Elitis brand is present in more than 100 countries, from Great Britain to Australia, passing through Argentina and Russia, and their fabrics, wallpaper, and wall decorations flow through private residences, hotels, restaurants ...


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