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Orac Décor products are made from a high-quality polyurethane that allows percise and detailed design. Orac Décor uses long-lasting quality polyurethane and a large part of their sources come from recycled materials.

There are 4 types of materials:

1. Purotouch®- A high-quality, high-density polyurethane that allows fine details.
2. Duropolimer® – An extruded and impact-resistant polymer based on a high-density polystyrene.
3. Durofoam® – An extruded lightweight polymer based on a medium-density polystyrene blend.
4. Orac®Flex – Flexible polyurethane

Orac Décor® mouldings are made from advanced materials, so they are resistant, lightweight and easy to install.

Timeless design
Lifetime warranty (25 yr)

100% toxin free,
No VOC's such as formaldehyde

70% recycled packaging
-> 90% by '23

Duropolymer - 12% recycled
Purotouch – 10% bio-based
-> 100% circular by '50



Water resistant

Shock resistant



Cover skirting

Termite resistant

Additional information

You can get advice on installing and arranging mouldings in your space from our architects and designers,

Send us photos of your space, sketches, wall dimensions, wish description, inspiration photos, etc. to: office@polydec.rs .



For more information about the price and availability of Orac Décor mouldings, contact us by email, phone or visit our salons.

Frequently asked questions

We can acquire all the products shown on the Orac Décor website. If the products are available in the factory stock in sufficient quantity, the usual delivery time is 15-20 working days.

Part of the assortment we have in stock in Belgrade. This stock is constantly changing and you need to contact us by phone or e-mail to get information about the current state.

Mouldings are usually sold in pieces of 2m. They are cut according to the dimensions of your walls/ceilings, straight or at an appropriate angle. After that, they are glued to the wall/ceiling (with glue FDP500 or FDP700), and then the joints are filled (with glue FX400). We also have these glues in our offer and you buy them as much as you need for a certain amount of mouldings.

When the glue on the joints dries, the mouldings are painted. After painting, the joints are not visible. This is a big advantage over MDF skirting boards.

It is best to paint the mouldings with a compressor so that the color is uniform. It is also possible to paint them with a brush, but in that case the strokes of the brush are visible.

It is important that the paint used does not contain acetone, which can damage the polyurethane.

We can recommend professional installation teams.

We have Orac Décor products in stock in Belgrade. This stock is constantly changing and you need to contact us by phone or e-mail to get information about the current state of the stock.

If the profiles you are interested in are available in our stock, the usual delivery time is 2-3 working days from payment.

If the requested mouldings are not available in our warehouse, the usual delivery time is 15-20 working days, provided that the selected products are available in the factory warehouse in sufficient quantity.

Transport to the desired address in the territory of the city of Belgrade is included in the price. For other cities it is necessary to organize the transport yourself.

-Hiding LED lighting - Orac Décor has a special selection of mouldings that are intended for hiding LED lighting (Section COVING LIGHTING on the website). These mouldings can be glued to only one surface (wall or ceiling) and thus leave space for the light to shine through.

They have a recess where the LED strip fits. It is recommended that the strip be in an aluminium profile. The LED strip is purchased separately.

- Hiding curtain rods – Orac Décor cornice mouldings can be used to hide curtain rods. In this case, mouldings for LED lighting can be used, which are attached to the ceiling. If you want the mouldings that hide the curtain rods to be the same as the mouldings in the rest of the room, that is also possible. In that case, it is necessary to make plasterboard "skirts" - a piece of plasterboard at the height of the moulding is screwed to the ceiling with an L profile. In that case, any moulding from the COVING section on the website can be used as a cover:

Furniture - Orac Décor products can also be used on furniture. Most often, they are glued to raw MDF, and then everything is painted together. It can be used on kitchen fronts, cupboards, chests of drawers...

-Facade - external use - with the use of appropriate glue and protective paint

Orac Décor does the manufacturing, it is a family business, based in Belgium. It has over 400 employees and 2 production centers. Their motto is Give your walls personality. The longevity of the product is very important to them, both in terms of material and design.

The prices of Orac Décor products are affected by the size of the profile, the type of material, the method of production... In order for us to inform you about the price, you need to find the products that suit you on the Orac Décor website. Each product is marked with a unique code, based on which we can give you more information when you call us or contact us by email.

In our showrooms you can also get information about the price and stock status and see samples of products.

Returns are resolved in accordance with the law on consumer protection.

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