Harlequin brand is specialized in cutting-edge design, having a comprehensive portfolio of fabrics where you will discover the incredible diversity of patterns and a set of flashing colors and textures. From a courageous and modern, to an humble and classically elegant, there is an extraordinarily wide choice of possibilities for transforming space. Originally founded as a wallpaper manufacturing company, Harlequin has accepted its heritage by producing fabulous wallpapers with a wide selection of colors and textures. As a master of ornate wallpaper, Harlequin brand also specializes in finishing imaginative, visionary techniques and colors that leave you breathless - guaranteeing that your walls literary become small works of art. Harlequin brand has joined forces with a number of attracted companies to offer a complete ''lifestyle'' look of your home, including home accessories based on the design of best-selling Harlequin brand products, such as bedding, towels, blankets, pillows, ornaments and household small decorations. The latest collections from Harlequin brand studios are reminiscent of drawing boards. It is a wealth of prints, fabrics and wall decorations from which the breath stops, and with its virtues and versatility, they will make your home pleasant and comforting. 


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