Wallpaper is usually composed of printed paper that can be coated with layered vinyl. Various plain and colorful designs are available in various brands. They are sold in rolls of different dimensions.

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OMEXCO: For each type of product, you can see the installation instructions when you click on "installation and maintenance"


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For more information about the price and availability of wallpaper, you can contact us by email, phone or visit our salons.

Frequently asked questions

Wallpaper is sold in three ways:

  1. -on a ROLL (5,6,7 or 10m2) – Vinyl and paper wallpapers are sold by the roll. They are usually more affordable than wall coverings, but they have a larger residue. The square footage of the wallpaper roll does not cover the same square footage of the wall!

Usually, we can extract 3 verticals from one roll, for standard wall heights (260, 270cm). Therefore, a roll of 0.5x10m covers 1.5m of wall width, a 0.7x10m roll covers 2.1m of wall width, a 1x10m roll covers 3m of width.

In the case when wallpaper has a prominent pattern, it is necessary to match the pattern between verticals, so this should also be taken into account when calculating.

  1. per METER - More exclusive wall coverings made of natural materials, handmade, etc. are sold per meter.

Each wall covering comes in a specific width of 90cm, 100cm, 130cm... and you buy as many meters as you need for your wall. In the case of wallpaper with a prominent pattern, it is necessary to match the pattern between verticals, so this should also be taken into account when calculating.

  1. -per Piece - Murals can be sold in certain dimensions or made according to the dimensions of your wall.

Murals are an excellent choice if you want a complete image on your wall that will not be repeated.

It is always best to consult our team to check the wallpaper quantity calculation before ordering.

We can calculate the required amount of wallpaper for you. To do this we need the exact dimensions of the wall (width and height, not square footage) and the wallpaper code (which you can find on the manufacturer's website or in the catalogs in the showroom).

Position of windows, doors, closets or other elements can also affect the calculation.

The price of wallpaper and wall coverings depends on the collection, type of material, manufacturer, production method... Each wallpaper is marked with a code which you can use to get more information about the price and availability when you contact us.

The usual delivery time is 15-20 working days, provided that the products are available in the factory stock in the required quantities. For larger orders, the delivery time is often much shorter. If necessary, we can arrange fast delivery at an additional cost.

Transport to the desired address in the territory of Belgrade is included in the price. For other cities in Serbia we can send you the goods by courier services.

We can recommend professional wallpaper installers.

Most vinyl wallpaper can be placed in the bathroom where it is not in direct and frequent contact with water.

There are also special wallpapers that can be placed even instead of ceramics - in shower cabins, on exterior walls, etc.

Wallpaper does not require special maintenance. It can be wiped with a damp cloth.

There are different classes of wallpaper resistance.

Wallpaper is glued to the wall with special glue. For every wallpaper in our assortment, we have the corresponding glue.

There are wallpapers that are made of paper, vinyl, or natural materials such as silk, bamboo, reed, linen... We recommend seeing the wallpaper/wall covering before ordering to experience the material and color in person. We have samples of almost all products in our salons.

The wallpaper is produced by world-renowned brands. You can see all available brands in the brands category

Returns are resolved in accordance with the law on consumer protection.

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